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Today we leave for Tennessee, and I’m looking forward to a vacation (even if most of it will be spent in a car). However, in order to get to 5pm and my freedom, I have a day of pure work insanity. All morning, I’ve been humming the tune to “Five O’clock World” and I’m checking the clock just a little too often for my own good.

Some of you may remember that I unhooked from the world of Windows a few months back and started running Ubuntu Linux at home. My experience with Linux has been great (mostly thanks to help from Steve and other people who actually understand it), and I was looking forward to upgrading to the newest version. I started the ‘simple’ upgrade last night, and I think something went wrong… horribly, horribly wrong. My OS doesn’t seem to want to boot. Eek. I have photos and emails on that computer that I need to recover, but after that, I’ll probably scrub ‘er clean and start over.

Just to clarify, I’m quite sure this isn’t a Linux problem, and is more of a “Dave doesn’t understand Linux” problem. I’m still sold on Linux and I’ll continue to encourage people to go open-source if for no other reason than the joy that comes from installing legal software at no cost. It’s guilt-free and FUN!

You know what will make all these problems disappear? Some American Dr.Pepper and some tasty Combos snacks. USA, here I come!

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