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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

We live in a consumer-driven society where we just assume that anything we want is sitting out there for us to buy.  We imagine something in our minds and firmly believe that it’s out there in the ether and we just have to say the word, and it’s ours.  This is not always the case.

I like music.  I like music at the cottage.  I wanted a stereo for the cottage that would be able to connect to MP3 players (like my iPod), play MP3 CDs and competently handle radio.  I want it to be cheap (since the cottage isn’t the most secure building in Quebec), and ideally it would be portable.  I assumed that electronics stores would have piles of these kinds of stereos on the shelves.

No such luck.  I found a really nice Sony shelf system, but on trying it out at Future Shop, I found that it was MASSIVELY underpowered.  At full volume, it was struggling to be heard over the din of the store.  That’s not good.

I’ve checked out all the stock at Future Shop and Best Buy, and will be headed to Canadian Tire this afternoon to take a run at their stuff.  If worse comes to worse, I might find myself in those sketchy electronics stores that line Yonge Street north of Dundas.   Actually, if worse comes to worse, I’ll be making my own stereo.  That would be bad, very bad.

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  1. Marty June 26th, 2007 1:32 pm

    Good luck with the stores north of Dundas. I just get the feeling that everything in there has been stolen from someone/somwhere. I’ve got the donut, if need be.

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