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We Gonna Rock Down to Electric Avenue…

Preliminary research indicates that it could cost me upwards of $12,000 CDN to convert my still non-functioning 1991 Volvo Turbo Wagon (she’s in a medically-induced coma) into an electric car capable of carrying significant loads over long distances. That’s a lot of green to make my car… er… uh… green.

In spite of the Province of Ontario’s recent “Look at us, we’re environmentally friendly now” stance, I’m really surprised at how my questions to the Ministry of Transportation about electric conversion vehicles are being treated. I’m getting bounced from department to department, and my question is pretty simple. If I were to convert my car, would I be able to drive it legally on the highways and byways of Ontario?

Given how infrequently I’ll be using my wagon (even once she’s up and running), I don’t consider her to be a polluter at all. She’s only a 4 cylinder, and passed her last emissions test with flying colours (shortly before she had a massive engine aneurysm). I’d only be using her for trips to the cottage and to provincial parks for camping trips and canoe trips, so she wouldn’t be a regular in city or highway traffic. Still, electric vehicles make a lot of sense to me and I’d like to be part of a change like that.

I’ll be thinking about some of the changes I can make in my life to better the environment up at the cottage this weekend. It’s just so easy to ponder these kinds of issues while sitting around a roaring tire fire, roasting bald eagle on a spit and pouring bleach into the groundwater. Man, I love the country.

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