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SiCKO: Not for Everyone

How apt is it that my nose won’t stop running today, just mere hours after watching Michael Moore’s SiCKO on DVD last night.  I smell a conspiracy… well, I would smell a conspiracy if I could smell anything at all.

Is it a good movie?  Sure.  Is it a documentary?  Not at all.  Throughout the film, he compares nations with socialized healthcare (or “free” healthcare, as he calls it) to the US without looking at all at the costs that are passed along to citizens in taxes. It’s briefly mentioned when he asks a middle-class French couple about their standard of living, but based on what I know about France, that couple was far from the norm.

The bottom line of this film is pretty bang on though.  Private healthcare is only good for the companies that collect premiums and dole out cash for care.  Do I pay higher taxes in Canada for socialized medicine?  You betcha.  Do I regret it?  Not in the least.  I would much rather pay a little for everyone’s care while I’m healthy and pay nothing when I get sick than save on my taxes and go broke if I have a serious illness.

Like any Michael Moore film, his conclusions should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt, but his movies are always thought-provoking and entertaining.  This one had something that I haven’t really seen since Roger & Me in that it was actually kind of heartwarming.

Should you see it?  Meh.  It’s not a must-see film, by any stretch of the imagination, but if you ever want to thank your lucky stars for socialized medicine, settle in with this movie.  You could even watch it on your laptop while you wait to see a doctor in an emergency room (a HUGELY overstated fallacy here in Ontario).

In summary, it’s not a documentary, but it’s a fun watch.  Maybe save it to watch on a day when you’re home from work sick.

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