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A Descent into Madness

There are some notable dates in the calendar that are fixed, like birthdays, Christmas and Canada Day.  Every year, they fall on the same day, so it’s hard for them to creep up on you.  Then there are the dates that aren’t fixed, like Good Friday/Easter, Victoria Day and Thanksgiving.  It’s like they float around the calendar looking for a place to land and one day you wake up to find that you don’t have to go to work.

We’re quickly approaching one of those floating milestones, and it was marked last night with my first win in this year’s NCAA College Basketball “March Madness” pool.  Long time readers will have suffered through this for years, but hopefully have rejoiced in my two wins in the last three years.  This year, I’m hoping to go back-to-back with a bracket that borders on ridiculous.

So far, only the play-in game has been played, so the pool is still open for anyone wanting to join.  Just leave a comment here and I’ll let our pool manager know (Jared).  It’s $5 to get in and there are prizes for first, second and third.  Last place wins their money back as a pity prize.

This pool takes absolutely no skill or college basketball knowledge, by the way.  I never follow college sports, and I’m not particularly interested in basketball as a sport.  One thing I love about March Madness is the seeming randomness of who wins, who advances and how the teams are picked in the first place.  With everything hinging on one loss and the winning team needing to keep on winning, it makes for some pretty intriguing sports.

I encourage you all to watch it.  And even if you don’t join a pool, fill out a bracket and follow along at home.  You can follow the games online at CBS Sportsline.

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