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A Pox on our House

Sickness hangs thick in the air at our house as Danielle is finally starting to recover from the worst of her cold/flu, but I fear that I’m starting to show some of the early symptoms.  Of course, I realized this on the same day Torontoist posts two news stories that will only make me feel worse.

The first has the head of Environment Canada bracing us for a winter that runs steadily into April with more snow to come.  I’m indifferent about a long winter, but everyone around me is getting cagey and jittery so I’ll be just as happy as them when we get a full week of spring temperatures and we can all see our lawns again.

The second story reports that the TTC union is poised on the brink of yet another strike, this one starting as early as next week.  I’ve heard the issues, and I completely understand where the transit union is coming from on issues of safety and security.  I can even sympathize with their issues around compensation (although I like to gripe about how much money a ticket-taker gets for being surly and rude… not all of them, but more than enough), but when they hold a gun to the collective heads of everyone who lives in the city to get their ‘better way’, much of that sympathy flies out the window.

On the plus side, if this virus that’s incubating inside me like the parasite from Alien finally erupts into a full blown illness, I won’t have to deal with any of this.  I’ll just be at home on the couch with OJ, facial tissues and daytime TV.  Instead of walking to the work in a spring snowstorm, I’ll be watching Judge Judy dish out her own sassy form of justice, and getting caught up on all my gameshows.

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