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Lucky at RutRtW, Unlucky at Staying Healthy

After a few days of living with Danielle’s illness and being surrounded by sick people at work, on the street and in close quarters on the TTC, it seems that my time has finally come.  I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a general feeling of malaise.  My sinuses are seizing up like the motor on a 1991 Volvo Turbo Wagon (sigh) and every muscle and joint in my body feels like it’s being chiseled at by tiny little munchkins with pitchforks.  Let the good times begin!

At least it’s starting to sound like an actual TTC strike isn’t likely.  Instead, the union will probably go into a work-t0-rule situation where the members will show up for work, but do little else.  They’ll opt for casual clothes instead of uniforms and work really slowly, unpleasantly and with little zeal.  For many, it’ll be a regular work day but without the uniforms.  For others, it will mean cutting back drastically on the customer service they pride themselves in.

After witnessing a recent non-TTC-related protest (don’t ask) and discussing it with a few folks, I thought it might be pretty funny to picket the striking picket lines if the TTC did go out.  We could make up funny signs and protest the strike in style.  I’ll guess I’ll just have to shelve that idea for six months when they threaten to strike next.

In less sarcastic and more positive news, I’m presently sitting above the odds in Tim Hortons ‘Roll Up the Rim to Win’.  I have 4 wins (2 donuts, 2 coffees) to my 26 ‘Pleas Try Again’s.  Since the odds of winning are 1 in 9 (11.11%), I can lose plenty more times before I fall under the odds.  Granted, if I tally my results with Danielle’s losing streak, we fall collectively short, but I’m not going to do that.  There was nothing in our wedding vows about amalgamating our combined Tim Hortons statistical data, so she’s on her own.

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  1. Marty March 28th, 2008 7:44 pm

    Try 0 and 29. I’m a big loser 🙁

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