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Tikka Tikka Boom

On Saturday night, in the midst of a household-wide bout of viral illness, we decided to get Indian takeout and we’d heard wonderful things about a place on Gerrard Street East near Greenwood called Lahore Tikka House.  Our expectations were high given that it was located in the middle of Little India and we were sure that a place coming with such high praise would easily blow us away, and let me tell you… it blew alright.

We called in our order for lamb curry, butter chicken, rice and naan and were surprised when they told us our order would be ready for pickup in 10 or 15 minutes.  Danielle, being the less ill and more able of the two of us, headed off by car while I lounged in a Tussed-out haze and salivated at the thought of our upcoming feast.

Danielle returned nearly 40 minutes later after waiting at the restaurant for nearly a half hour to get our food that should have been ready before she even arrived.  Still, having to wait for fresh food is far better than getting cold, dated food on time, so we were patient and opted to forgive the Lahore Tikka House.  That didn’t last long.

As we unpacked the food, we noticed that we had lots of rice and naan, but only one main dish.  Our butter chicken wasn’t included.  A phone call was placed to the restaurant where the same guy who had taken our order the first time and had also served Danielle in person explained that he hadn’t charged us for the Butter Chicken even though he left it out of our order.  Although we’d repeated our order three times when we made it originally, he’d left it off and even though he remembered when Danielle picked it up, he didn’t add it to the order.  Rather than telling us that we had enough rice and naan to feed a small army, but only one main dish, he let us get home and start eating before we noticed.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that our state of illness made this a bigger deal than it normally would have been, but this guy had no desire to remedy the situation and help us get our second main dish that would keep our dinner from consisting of tons of rice and bread and little else. Worse yet, our only main dish consisted mainly of bone and marrow meat.  Yeah, that IS as delectable as it sounds.  Easily 1/3 of the contents of the dish were bone, and what wasn’t bone wasn’t that tasty.

Take it from us, if you’re looking for a fix for your Indian food craving, pass the Lahore Tikka House by and head to The Bombay Palace.

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