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The Bucket List

Danielle and I watched The Bucket List last night.  It has the two things you would expect (and require) from a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman:

  1. Nicholson playing a character that is a likable social pariah
  2. Freeman playing a character as well as the narrator.

The plot is a little ‘Odd Couple’ish, so that aspect of the relationship between the characters has been overdone in countless relationship and buddy-cop movies, but the usual slapstick of odd characters is replaced with some pretty insightful comments on differing views of life and death.

It’s a really enjoyable movie, but I don’t think it’ll be taking the Academy Awards by storm (of if it was in last year’s, I can see why it didn’t take them by storm).  I guess I’d say that if you have more than 6 months to live, or you think you do, you wouldn’t be wasting your time by watching this movie.

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