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Get Thee to a Pinery (or Bon Echo, or Algonquin)

I didn’t go camping once in 2007.  I just realized that on my ride into work this morning, and I had to run through the entire year on fast forward in my head to make sure that was true.  I remember handling my camping gear a lot, but that had more to do with moving and picking up some new stuff (which requires repacking everything at cataloging it in my obsessively compulsive list).  That made me profoundly sad.

Mark my words, this will not happen again in 2008.  I have a few new toys to try out and after over a year, I’m betting my tent will need some fresh air.  I’m pretty sure I washed it after my last trip, but it’ll still be pretty stuffy after all that time.

This also means that Danielle and I have never been camping together, and it’s something we’ve both talked about a great deal and are looking forward to.  I don’t think a canoe trip is in the cards, but maybe a long weekend at Bon Echo, Silent Lake or Sandbanks Provincial Parks would scratch that itch.

It just feels like it’s been forever since I’ve spaced out sitting beside an open fire listening to the crackle of the wood and the sounds of the night.  I also miss not having to shower and eating beef jerky and M&Ms for a meal.


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  1. felicity jane April 24th, 2008 11:57 am

    Bon Echo rocks. We’ve got then as a group from FT.

    Definately worth the trip – especially if you rent a canoe (or bring your own).

  2. Goods April 24th, 2008 2:11 pm

    I highly recommend Bon Echo – great hiking on the “big rock”. Sandbanks in Quinte has some very nice wine tours, as its slowly becoming the next Niagara.

    Man, those Ontario TV commercials must be getting to me…

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