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The time has come to upgrade WordPress (the software that this blog is built upon) and that means that I’ll likely change the format of the blog.  I’ve got a few templates picked out already, so this weekend I’ll be tinkering to get the right one and set it up just the way I like.  Hopefully you’ll like it too.

One big change (that Tyrone will like) is that anyone reading this on Facebook (all my posts are imported through RSS) who leaves a comment there, will see their comment copied in the web version of the site.  Sadly, I don’t think it works the other way around, but those are the shakes.

For anyone with an RSS feed to this site, rest assured that your feed will continue to work as normal, but when all is said and done, older posts may show up as unread.  I think that happened last time I upgraded.  You can also rest assured that all your witty comments from the past will still be there when all is said and done.

If there’s anything you’d like to see format-wise in here, today is your day to request it as I’ll probably start the updgrade tonight.  No request is too wild, but I just might ignore it.  🙂

In other blog-related news, since we’ll be in Spain from September 30th to October 14th, and it’s unlikely that I’ll find a net connection (or the time) to blog each morning when I’m there, I’m looking for some guest writers to contribute in here while I’m gone.  You can offer to write every weekday I’m gone, for a few days or just for one day.  I’ll set up a schedule that works for you  and give you a personalized login to write your post. Keep in mind that if you’re reading this now, it’s probably because you appreciate that this site has regularly updated content that you can count on (for the most part), and this is your chance to pay that back to your fellow readers.

No one is asking you to write a Pulitzer Prize-winning essay on the deconstruction of the Warsaw Pact and the rise of the new Eastern Bloc (which is probably well over the heads of most my readership anyways), just write something interesting.  If you want to write, but have no ideas, I can help you out and even give you some editing help if you write it before I leave.  It’s that easy.

If you’ve ever considered having a blog of your own, this would be a great test-drive and I can give you nearly 5 years’ worth of pointers.  If you have no plans of ever having your own blog, this is your chance to step up on a soapbox and scream your lungs out.  You can make your identity known to the world or, if you prefer, you can remain anonymous and use a pseudonym (or ‘nom de plume’, which sounds WAY cooler).

So, any takers?  Feel free to leave a comment or email me and we’ll go from there.

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