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A Sneak Peek at the Internet’s Best-kept Ssssecret

In just over a month, a favouite pet project of mine (going back to 2006) will be reappearing on the internet scene after a long hiatus.  Long-time readers will no doubt recall my sometimes violent demands for content, comments and contributions to the online arts magazine Silenttalkie.  Well, the demands are no more, but the magazine is back (almost)… and in blog form!

Still awesome after all these years

Still awesome after all these years

The ‘talkie has had its share of sadness since it was last online.  We allowed the domain name to lapse (and fortunately it wasn’t picked up and farmed out for a high price), our previous magazine layout system has since been found to have egregious flaws that allow ‘hackers’ to violate it in unspeakable ways, and the comments system was hacked by spammers and filled with offers of generic prescription drugs, online poker sites and various enlargers and stiffeners of the penile kind.

For now, the site has soft-launched as a WordPress blog at our old (and original URL) which makes it much easier for aspriring writers, designers and artists to contribute, but given the response to our strong-arm tactics in the past, we’ll go for a much more laid-back approach this time around.  For the next few weeks, we’ll be uploading all our old content into the archives, tweaking the site to make sure everything works A-OK and soliciting new content from whomever might want to pitch in.

Its sink or swim this time around

It's sink or swim this time around

I encourage you to consider becoming a contributor to SilentTalkie, and if you’re wondering what it takes, the answer is simple.  Not much.  Just cobble together an article, submit some photos or original artwork, maybe sketch out a cartoon or submit a list of some cool sites that you’ve been enjoying lately.  We’re not looking for Pulitzer Prize-winning articles, just interesting reading.

As we approach the official launch date (which will include lots of new content and a fully functional site), I’ll write again with more details on how to get involved, but in the meantime, take a little tour around the site and let me know what you think.  If you’re a blogger, maybe think about writing up on the ‘talkie for a future post around our official launch, and if you have a website, how’s about adding a link to spread the good news.  We’ll return the favour.  At Silenttalkie, we’re nothing if not appreciative.

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  1. Rob D September 13th, 2008 4:39 pm

    Hey Dave, the new format looks great. Sorry I’m so late in showing up for the grand unveiling.

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