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When you get an email advertising that you will be provided with a free breakfast what do you imagine?

The words ‘free breakfast’ without the modifier ‘continental’ would typically lead me to believe there would be eggs involved somehow.

As it turns out, the free breakfast which I skipped my bowl of Cheerios for was pastries and fruit. I have no complaints about the fruit. The fruit was delicious and who has the time to cut up fruit into nice bite-sized pieces when you’re still trying to wake up? I don’t think I’d risk using a sharp knife prior to 10:00am on a weekday.

Pastries. Apparently danishes and muffins count as breakfast now. (I agree with whoever said that the word ‘muffin’ was invented so people wouldn’t feel guilty about eating cake for breakfast). I was not the only person who was disappointed. I didn’t complain to anyone around because it was still the best free breakfast I’ve had this week. Nevertheless, if you are going to serve a free continental breakfast please state up front that it is a continental breakfast.

So now it’s nearing lunch and I’ve already eaten enough calories for two meals (did I mention the danish?) and I didn’t even enjoy it because the expectations were set too high.

There really is no such thing as a free breakfast.


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