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Rockin’ The Boat

There are few things that make you more sluggish on a Monday morning than heading to a bar to hear some live music on a Sunday night.  I sometimes still think my body is 18 years old and can bounce back like elastic, but in the morning I remember that it’s less like elastic and more like molten rubber.  That being said, I have no regrets about checking out a live show at The Boat in Kensington Market last night.

First off, the venue.  The Boat looks like… well, a boat.  It actually looks like a galleon if it was less of a ship and more of a ’70s porn set.  It’s safe to say that it only survives because of its location and close promixity to fans of ironic surroundings.  Drinks were cheap and plentiful, but watch out for the many buckets hanging from the low ceiling that indicate a very leaky roof.  Some of them are awfully close to lights.

Second, the music.  The opening act was ‘Gates, Gates, Gates’, a female singer-songwriter who is clearly very witty, and did very well for what appeared to be one of her first gigs.  I wish her the best of luck.  She was followed by, what I considered the main event… Silver Speakers, and they rocked the house.

They played an acoustic set (one guitar, one jingly Christmas stick) that was funny, heartfelt, funny and funny.  The crowd ate them up, and the songs were performed beautifully.  Now, since Silver Speakers is basically Tyrone and he plays with Slow Like Big Hams (aka Right-Click Properties), I am choosing to give him some Google-rank love through the wonder of links.  You’re welcome, Mr. Warner.

You can find Tyrone Warner‘s music through his site, his MySpace page or his Facebook group.  Not only can you find his music there, but you SHOULD find his music there, especially if you’re starting to get sick of the same old Christmas music.


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  1. Jared December 15th, 2008 12:12 pm

    The guy after Silver Speakers was pretty cool too. His name was Malcolm Bauld (http://www.myspace.com/malcolmbauld). I didn’t stick around for the Hamilton Trading Co. but apparently they’re pretty awesome as well.

  2. Tyrone December 15th, 2008 12:37 pm

    Thanks Dave! Hamilton Trading Co. indeed rocked it. They did awesome covers of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” and “In Your Eyes.” I’ll be back at the boat next sunday night for a full-on “Christmas Party,” so now I have to think of some new “tricks” 😉

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