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SilentTalkie: Reluctantly Crouched at the Starting Line

In spite of some minor technical and logistical setbacks, all that is SilentTalkie is now back online and ready for action.  Every article ever written and published in the magazine’s former format is now accessible on the main site, which means you can re-live all your favourite (or not-so-favourite)articles in their former glory.

New content is coming soon, and this time it will come without the guilt-trip of asking repeatedly for submissions.  This time around, publication deadlines won’t be as fixed, so we’ll just update as we please with whatever content we have.  However, as always, submissions are always open for new content of any kind.

As a change, we have new venues of staying in touch with the ‘Talkie:

  • Twitter users can keep up with SilentTalkie’s tweets and even choose to follow her (which she’ll gladly reciprocate)
  • Facebook users can become a fan on SilentTalkie’s fanpage and join discussions, access articles by RSS, post or view photos and share their thoughts on our new format
  • Instant Message (IM) users can sign up for a new service offered by Big Time Design called Big Time Announce (it’s also available for this blog in the menu on the right).  Once signed up, you can receive special offers, announcements or new content as alerts through your instant messaging program.  It’s the new future of content delivery and it’s the bee’s knees
  • Fans of RSS can subscribe to the SilentTalkie RSS Feed and get content to their reader as it gets published.  To take full advantage of our format and features, I recommend having your reader open new posts on the SilentTalkie site

We’re really excited about the future of SilentTalkie, and hopefully you will be too.

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