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The Post-Christmas Lull; Office Edition

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re stuck in your office for the void that is the weekdays beteween Christmas and New Years.  Personally, I love working during the lull, but this year I’m travelling through Quebec visiting family, so here’s my take on the lull.

No one is around.  No one is calling or emailing you, and the last thing anyone who IS around wants to do it work.  This is prime shopping, web-surfing and emailing time.  If you want to return some ill-advised Christmas gifts or want to check out a movie, no one will ever notice you’re gone for hours on end.

Despite your workplace’s dress code, anything goes right now.  Jeans, sweats or even a velvet jumpsuit.  The world is your oyster and no one will see you anyways, not even on your commute as the roads and public transportation systems are all empty.

Feel free to take advantage of this time to prank the cubicles of your co-workers who took off during the lull.  You have days to execute, so take your time and be creative.  Keep in mind that you have a dried-out Christmas tree at home that you no longer need and will just barely fit in Bob’s cubicle.

So, get back to watching hilarious clips on YouTube and Merry Lullmas!

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