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Being able to write well in an office that’s not chock full of “writers” is a lot like having some minor computer skills when you visit your parents’ house.  Little things that you think are pretty common sense and easy to do off-the-cuff are often lauded as herculean achievements, and you get a pretty significant ego boost that, although you know is undeserved for the minimal effort on your part, feels pretty awesome.

Despite not having a formal writing role in my office (as a budget and analysis guy, for some reason), rumours of my passion for writing in all its forms have started to spread, and with that office being an advertising department, that can mean some pretty interesting things come my way.

For the last few months, I’ve been helping write up headlines and copy for ads that appear in trade-specific publications for various industries; the likes unseen by most people.  More recently, I’ve had a hand in creating and updating ads for events sponsorships across Canada.  Well, not long ago I found out that an ad I’d written will soon be appearing in the hallowed sheets of The Globe and Mail, and I’m pretty excited.

Although there will be absolutely nothing about the ad that will mention me, it’ll be pretty exciting to see something I created being put out in the world in such a public way, and I hope it’s just the beginning.  SilentTalkie and this blog aside, the sense of professional satisfaction that comes from knowing a large audience is reading my work is a bit greater than that of configuring my parents’ home network.

All that being said, writing ads isn’t the most creative work in the world, so I’m still very happy to write both here and on SilentTalkie, even if they aren’t as widely read as The Globe and Mail… for now.

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