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I Gots an Owie

This morning, while unpacking a shipment of books from Indigo that arrived in our mailbox, I gave myself a real humdinger of a papercut right on the top of my right index finger.  It’s a nice, deep little tear right in the centre fold of the biggest knuckle, the first one up from the palm.  I’m going to be feeling that one all day.  On the plus side, I didn’t get any blood on our travel guides for Germany.

Tonight we’re hitting up the ElMo for a taste of Canadian Music Week.  The lineup features some Montreal bands varying in style from synthesizer-based indie to guitar-based indie and I assume there’ll be at least one accordian making an appearance.  I know of only one band on the bill, but I’ve read some reviews of the others and have high hopes for a great show.  I’ll likely spend the rest of today listening to MySpace pages for the bands to get familiar with their music.

So, what will annoy me more today; my strategically placed paper cut that will sting whenever I move my hand, or having to navigate through various MySpace pages?  Your thoughts?

It’ll all be worth it when I’m nursing that cut with a cold beer and some loud music.  T-minus 9 hours, and counting… counting… counting…

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