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Outhouse or Icehouse? Stop, You’re Both Right

Well, I made it back safe and sound from a relaxing weekend up at the cottage.  I measured out all the dimensions of the main floor and will spend the rest of the week putting all the measurements into a drafting program to create a 3D model that will serve little purpose aside from looking really cool.

The weather was fantastic up there all weekend, and through little effort, I got the indoor temperature up from 3 to 12 degrees with just a small heater and the woodstove.  It was still quite comfortable for my needs.

It’s kind of sad seeing the old house socked in with snow and ice, but it’s even weirder to hear how much quieter it is up there without frogs, blowing leaves and the countless birds that sing at all hours in the fairer seasons.

It’s also nice not finding the door to the outhouse frozen shut by nearly 6 inches of solid ice, but that’s probably enough said about that.

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  1. Marty March 24th, 2009 6:14 am

    If you had brought Kenneth or any of the other fans of the fire stove, you could have easily had that place around 28 or 29 degrees.

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