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Casting for Appleseeds

Long-time readers of the blog might recall various roadtrips across our southern border into New York State (and one trip all the way to Pittsburgh with an ill-fated stop in Cleveland) to see a great indie band live.  One night, many years ago, they saved me the trouble of needing photo ID to see them by playing a dive club to an uncaring audience here in Toronto.

Well, tonight I have to travel the shortest distance ever to see The Appleseed Cast as they rock out the historic Horseshoe Tavern.  Tickets are $10 in advance, so I’m guessing they’ll be around $15 at the door, but that’s well worth seeing this seasoned touring band strut their stuff on stage.  Click on the link above to check out some of their music.

I guess it’s categorized as ’emo’, but ignore genre titles and just know that you can look forward to anthemic guitar-based waves of emotion that ebb and flow until your ears are sore.  If you love guitar-based rock and amazing drum work, then you won’t be disappointed.  Well, not by the band at least.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a band at the Horseshoe, but the crowd can be hostile sometimes and the beer is far from cheap.

Still, come on out and enjoy a great show.

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  1. Jared April 21st, 2009 9:53 am

    There’s not much emo left in their sound. It’s mostly post-rock now. If you want a good introduction, check out an episode of SilentTalkie Radio that walks through the bands existence: http://silenttalkie.com/2009/04/16/stradio/jareds-podcast-episode-13/

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