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The Lucky Horseshoe

Last night I was treated to a great concert as I got to watch some friends fulfill every Toronto musician’s dream; playing live on stage at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern.  Silver Speakers, with special guests Jared and Silas, rocked an awesome show, especially for a rainy Wednesday night.

Probably the highlight of the night for me was hearing a new tune called “The Wrong Blood” that blew my mind.  Sadly, it sounds as though it hasn’t been put to a recording yet, but when it does, I’ll share a link.  It was made all the more awesome when it was introduced with a reference to one of my favourite Southern US writers, Flannery O’Connor.  I really got into her work after taking a course on the literature of the American South back in 2001.

In a completely unrelated piece of luck, my dad did some measurements of our shed foundation up at the cottage and passed along some news that will help in its reconstruction this weekend.  Namely, that the Canadian Shield bedrock is only a few inches below the ground, so resetting the foundation onto some of the most solid rock in the world will require very little digging and very little concrete, hence WAY less work and cost than I’d planned.

Also, while it looks like rain for most of the weekend down in the Golden Horseshoe, Environment Canada is still calling for partly cloudy with very little chance of rain in the Ottawa Valley.  Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

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  1. Jared June 18th, 2009 10:35 am

    Thanks for coming out last night. I had a lot of fun playing. Not sure I ever thought I’d have a chance to play a show at the Horseshoe.

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