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You want beef?

I’ve got a beef with the people who do the lines in my soccer league. I appreciate that they are taking time out of their schedule to call the lines, but they are also getting paid so I don’t feel too bad holding them to a certain standard.

Now, the linesperson basically only has two things to do:
1. Notice when the ball goes out and who touched it last.
2. Call offsides.

The first one is the soccer equivalent to the kindergarten task of ‘colouring inside the lines’. If the ball crosses the line you put your flag up and let the ref know who touched it last. For the most part the linesmen in my league have mastered this one.

It’s the second one that drives me crazy. Call offsides correctly! I’m not talking about them making the judgment call about a player in an offside position who doesn’t make a move for the ball. I’m talking about offside 101 here. If the player receiving the pass is (way) behind the last defender when the ball is passed he is offside. So call it! Especially when you are standing right there. There is an additional level of frustration since, when they miss a call by that much, it ends up with a breakaway and often a goal.

As one of my teammates said “You realize you’re getting paid real money to do this.” Of course, he got a red card for saying it, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Dear Linesmen,

Please try harder.



Bonus: Classic. (NSFW!)

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  1. Jared July 10th, 2009 9:29 am

    At least you’ve got linesmen. I’m playing in a league now with no ref and as a result no offsides can be called, so teams will have strikers camp out 10 yards behind the backline. It makes it really tough to not have a huge gap between the defense and the mids.

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