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Fringe, Fringe, Fringe!

After what has felt like eons, but has actually only been three months, Fringe will return on Thursday, September 17 at 9pm.  It was one of my favourite new shows from the past TV season and I’m eagerly awaiting the season premiere after a blockbuster cliffhanger in the season finale back in May.  I’m hoping to be able to rewatch all of season one before the season two premiere.

I recently learned two neat things that have sort of increased my enjoyment of the show.  The first is that Anna Torv, who plays Agent Olivia Dunham is actually an Australian, which explains her unusual speech cadence in faux-American English.  The second is that she married her love interest from the show, Agent John Scott (played by Mark Valley) halfway through the first season.

Look at me.  I’m turning into a celebrity blogger of sorts.  Meh.

I’ve also done a fair amount of reading about the weird symbols shown at commercial breaks and how they are some sort of code for fans of the show.  At this point, I’m too lazy to get into researching them, but I might get more into it during season two.

Frankly, all of this is just to distract me while I wait for season four of The IT Crowd to air in 2010.  It’s the littlest things that keep us all sane.

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