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Whatta Storm!

That was the awesomest storm last night, and it’s all anyone can talk about today.  I was driving on the Gardiner when it hit in full force, and got to watch all the lightning through the pouring rain.  The best part was when the sun came out at the end and made a huge rainbow.

I got to see more of the aftermath late last night when I took Mojo for his walk.  Old trees are down all over our neighbourhood, some of them firmly fixed in the roofs or cars of our neighbours.  Some intersections are without traffic lights, and patches of houses are still without power.

Of course, the best part about the storm is the way it lifted the heavy cloud of humidity that’s been choking me (and the city) for the last few days.  I’m just glad to have a bit of respite before it picks up again tomorrow.  That’s when I’ll be hiding out in our basement sorting through camping gear and packing up for our big trip.

While we’re gone, you should go check out the Ex.  It opens today, which is a pretty sure sign that summer is winding down.

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