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A Plea to Cyclists

It’s been a while since Dave’s had a non-sensical rant on here, so I’d thought that I’d take this opportunity to fill that void. I’ll touch on a topic that’s become an increasingly frustrating part of my life, namely cyclists.

Now, I’m all for cycling most of the time. If I had a commute that was shorter than 35km, I’d probably be cycling to work. I understand that cyclists have tough choices. Whether you choose to ride in on the street or on the sidewalk, there’s always dangerous obsticles that present themselves. Most of these times, these obsticles are moving and don’t show you any respect. This is why there’s a push for bike lanes and bike paths to help alleviate these concerns and reduce the risk of an accident. So why don’t people use them? My place of dwelling is situated between one street with a bike lane and another without one. Would it surprise you to learn that I see more cyclists on the street without a bike lane? Are cyclists that lazy that they won’t go one block east to use a street with a bike lane? Instead, they’ll travel on a street, with high traffic density, typically used by cars to get in and out of downtown as quickly as possible. This seems like a poor choice, to willingly put yourself in a perilous situation, when, with 30 seconds of effort, you could be travelling on a street with your own lane and much less traffic. I just don’t get it.

The other thing is the number of cyclists that have blatant disregard for the laws of traffic while on the roadways. Stop signs, one way street, traffic lights or even attempting to pass a car on the right, who is in the process of turning right. Maybe the government needs to adopt an education and licensing system for people that ride bikes to make it safer for everyone. It seems like most of these things are common sense, yet they seem to be disregarded quite easily by cyclists, who apparently, have no concept of the trouble they can cause.

I know this doesn’t apply to most cyclists, people that are grateful for reserved bike lanes, use them, and continue to push for more. I’ll support your cause in the name of safety and enjoyment. Just please realize that if you want continued respect on the roadways, make you sure you respect the vehicles as well. It does work both ways.



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  1. Joel August 26th, 2009 9:03 pm

    I almost got driven over by a Mississauga city bus yesterday. With all those crazy commuters leaving the Go station, I wish there was a bike lane. Preferably well away from the actual road.

  2. Brad J September 4th, 2009 11:45 am

    Choose to ride on the sidewalk? Srsly?

    Sidewalk riding is verboten, it makes real cyclists look bad.

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