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The Duncans Have Returned

We’re back from the hinterlands of central and eastern Ontario  and western Quebec after a week of camping followed by a weekend of cottaging.  We had five days of perfect late-summer camping weather (warm and sunny days followed by cool nights) and some dismal cottage weather made tolerable by great company.

I’ll share more on our camping trip this week, but suffice it to say that it was a blast.  This weekend, we hosted Danielle’s dad and stepmom at the cottage and spent a great evening with my parents, brother and grandma at my parents’ place.  As with most of our family get togethers, it was a hilarious mix of franglais and great stories, and everyone had a good time.

I’m kind of sad to be back, and it’s a little strange not to smell woodsmoke everywhere I go, but we missed home and especially our nice, comfy bed at home.  Even Mojo, who LOVED being out in nature (and chasing chipmunks all day, every day) was wagging his tail as he checked out the house.

So, everything is back to normal, including regular posting in here.  Thanks to Jared for posting a nice rant in my absence and for Derek for making me laugh my head off with his Facebook comment about ‘obsticles’.*

Stay tuned for some great stories about nearly getting lost in the woods overnight, the sunburn to end all sunburns and our noisy campsite neighbours.

*My blog posts automatically show up in Facebook, where people can post comments that don’t show up in here.  There’s a WordPress plug-in that supposedly will copy them over, but I’ve never been able to get it to work.  It’s in my “To Do List” for the future though.

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