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I’m Back and I’m Sore

I’m back from the cottage, and I’m absolutely beat.  With help from my dad, I managed to get the shed foundation nearly finished and all the work needing concrete is done, so frost can now come without any worries about finishing it up before winter.  All that’s left is some work with wood and she’ll be ready for another 60 years of abuse from the elements.

I realized this weekend that I could very easily live in pioneer times except for one thing.  I can live without running water, and I can easily get by with just candlelight but I cannot handle the constant fetching of firewood from the shed to fill the woodbox.  That’s just too much work for this old, weary body.

Being up there alone meant that all the little tasks of running an old house fell squarely on my two shoulders, which included putting up the storm windows for winter and hauling water from the well and wood from the shed.  All of that was on top of the work that I actually went there to do.  Needless to say, I’m pretty ragged today, but it’s a good kind of ragged.  My hands are raw and my muscles are sore, but all of it is just a testament to the hard work I put into a house I love.

Now I’m back for my first week of getting the next few months sorted out.   More to come!

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  1. Joel September 21st, 2009 1:37 pm

    Where are the pictures!?!

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