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The Rocket Misfires

I’m still unsure how I plan on responding to the rumours of an upcoming TTC fare hike to deal with massive budget shortfalls for this year.  According to Adam Giambrone (the chair of the TTC) and various media outlets, it sounds like the cash fare will go up by $0.25 to $3 with a similar hike to Metropasses.

For the last year, I’ve been feeling that my return on my transit investment has been pretty terrible, so the thought of paying more for the same shoddy service is something I’d prefer not to do.  So, what are my options?  I suppose I could protest somehow.  There are groups who have planned boycotts of service for a day, or protests at TTC head office (at Davisville Station), but I doubt those will have any effect on the decision makers.  I could do the most Canadian thing of all and write a strongly-worded letter to those same decision makers, but they’ll likely give the most Canadian of responses and just ignore it.

I think that maybe the time has come for me to start seeking out some new modes of transportation that don’t require driving my car or taking the laughably called “better way”.  Any suggestions?

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