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It’s All in the Background

If you’re on Rogers Digital Cable (or any package that’s fancier) or Bell’s equivalent and you’ve ever gone surfing through some of the higher channels, no doubt you’ve noticed some music stations nestled between the radio stations and pay-per-view.  I think on both systems it’s called Galaxie and I am a huge fan.

Whether I’m sitting at my desk answering emails, IMs and writing marketing copy all day (Jukebox Oldies), washing dishes (Chill) or wrapping Christmas presents (Traditional Holiday Classics), it’s great commercial-free music that takes me away from my iTunes playlist for a while and reminds me of some great music from the past and stuff I’ll listen for the in the future.

For an extra kick on dark days, I’ll fire up the classic rock channel and pretend I’m driving a Thunderbird 120 km/h through some small town in the north, the windows down and the wind in my mullet.  It’s great fun.

Yeah, so that’s it.  I just wanted to send a shout-out to Galaxie for keeping me entertained when I’m not listening to a SilentTalkie podcast, CBC Radio or iTunes.  Thanks.

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