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Fat Lamp Research

So I’m heading up near Napanee this weekend to do some cold-weather camping. I’m trying to build my outdoorsy knowledge to make these trips more interesting and comfortable. After seeing some bacon fat sitting in a mug at Jen’s place, I thought to myself “Gee, Fat Lamps are kind of cool… and they make use of stuff that we just throw out anyway.” So, I decided to make myself a fat lamp to use this weekend.
So I pack up the coagulated bacon grease in a ziploc bag, and head home to do some research on the internet. Once the grease was sitting pretty in my fridge, I discovered that pig tallow doesn’t make a very good fuel (boo), as it can be too volatile (read “burns out of control and all over me”). The good news is that beef or sheep tallow is preferred and most butcher shops will give it away for free, as they usually pay to dispose of it anyway(yeah). So my grease is going to be used as fuel in my fire for camping this weekend (read “Dave’s going to burn down the forest”).
I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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