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Oh, What a Night!

It would be an understatement to call this weekend a busy one.  Danielle’s dad and stepmom arrived by train from Montreal on Friday afternoon and we spent Friday evening talking (in our patented blend of French and English) and catching up, as well as celebrating a VERY overdue Christmas by opening all our gifts.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast of homemade Sausage and Egg McMuffins before heading up to the Toronto Centre for the Arts to see “Jersey Boys“.  We bought Danielle’s dad tickets for Christmas, and picked up our own at the show.  By the way, if you ever want to see an awesome musical for cheap, head to the theatre two hours early on show day and pick up ‘obstructed view’ tickets.  Ours were $20 each (no fees or taxes) and we sat about 10 rows from the front and could see nearly everything.  It’s a great, cheap night out.

The show itself was unbelievable.  It tells a fantastic and compelling story with amazing musical performances, hilarious and heartbreaking acting and amazing set design where everything changes all the time without the story stopping or slowing for a second.  There is quite a bit of authentic ‘Jersey’ language (that is, swearing) and viewers should be warned that Joe Pesci is one of the characters, but those are the only offensive things in it.

On Sunday, we headed to both High Park and Yorkville to show off the city (with our dog) and then a trip to Union Station to drop off our visitors.  Danielle and I spent the evening watching the Superbowl at home and heading to curling, where we got a default win when our opposing team decided not to show up.

Now I’m relaxing at my desk with a sore throat and The Four Seasons greatest hits stuck in my head.  Not a bad start to the week, really.

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