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What Do THEY Know That I Don’t???!!??

I had one of those surreal experiences on the way to work this morning… y’know, those experiences where you say to yourself “Hey, this is surreal!”.
I ride the subway four stops down to Yonge and Bloor… arguably the ‘four corners’ of Toronto. Usually, at twenty after eight on a monday morning, the subway car rumbles up to my platform with barely enough room for me to squeeze in between a guy in a business suit, and a student headed to UofT for a BioChem class. There were a few times in the summer, when holidays were in full swing, and during a short week, when I could stand comfortably, and maybe… just MAYBE get a seat.
Today, however, there were 6 people in the whole subway car. I could’ve laid down and slept all the way to my stop and there still would have been enough seats for everyone who got on during my short trip. At one point, I checked my watch to make sure it was monday… then to make sure it wasn’t some weird holiday… then to make sure that it wasn’t really twenty after five in the morning. Sure enough, I was on time.
My next thought… something horrible had happened downtown, and everyone was staying home! Nope. I was listening to the radio up until the moment I left my apartment, and there was no mention of anything on the news.
The only thing I can surmise is that for some reason, this was the morning when everyone who gets up at the same time as me, happened to sleep in on the same morning, but the people who get up earlier didn’t. It was one of those times when everything falls into a synch in a weird way.
I’ll just stay home tomorrow… to keep it from happening to me again.

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