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"Eat Well, Stay Fit, Die Anyway"

Lord of the Flies

Thanks to the borderline drought conditions this spring up at the cottage, I think I only saw about 5 mosquitoes all weekend.  That’s the silver lining to a dark cloud that were swarms of deer and black flies that made us and the dog miserable whenever we were outside.  Mind you, the gorgeous weather made even that sufferable.

We spent a surprising amount of time outside given that we could pick up World Cup on CBC with our meagre aerial on the TV.  Fortunately, between the bugs, the games and the short amount of time we were there, I had plenty of excuses not to do any work around the house, so that’ll have to wait until our vacation later in July.

Another highlight of the weekend was celebrating my dad’s 65th birthday and Father’s Day with awesome steaks, corn on the cob and birthday cake.  You don’t need much more to have a great weekend.

And now, I need to settle in for a busy, busy week.

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