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Mojo and the King Sunshine band

For all you out there who were wondering if Mojo passed his annual physical, barring anything abnormal in his samples (blood and, er… the ‘other’) he’s been diagnosed “Awesome”.  He’s gained a bit of weight and now tipping the scales at just over 60lbs, but it’s healthy weight gain (mostly muscle) associated with his transition from puppy to grown dog.

As a quick follow-up to his eye surgery from last year, his eyes look great and there’s no sign that he’ll suffer the ill-effects of Entropion for the rest of his long and active life.  Woo hoo!  Sadly, verifying this didn’t include a canine version of an eye chart, which would have been pretty awesome.

If you’d like to meet our little guy, the odds are pretty good that he’ll be joining us tonight for a free concert in Yonge and Dundas Square featuring an awesome funk band Danielle and I heard waaaay back when we were dating.  King Sunshine will be playing in the square around 9:30pm and did I mention the show is free?  Well, you’ll get more than your money’s worth as they put on an intensely high-energy show. You can check out samples of their stuff on their MySpace page.

If we don’t see you tonight, have a great weekend and enjoy some great summer weather without the oppressive humidity.

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