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The Weekend Round-Up

Sorry this is so late, but I’m still dizzy from all the rides and unhealthy food at the Shawville Fair.  A good time was had by all, in spite of freezing temperatures and surly pre-teens (more on this in a minute).

Our trips up to and back from the cottage were a breeze thanks to the crappy forecast.  I guess most people opted to stay home rather than haul up to the cottage for a weekend spent indoors.  Not us, but no one ever accused us of being smart.

On Saturday, we headed out in the afternoon to watch my dad sing in a choir.  He did a spectacular job, and even learned a thing or two about microphones.  I’m assuming that by next year, he’ll be doing a solo act with singing and dancing, so buy your tickets to the 2011 Shawville Fair now, and let me know how many signed photos you’d like (for a small fee, of course).

We hit up most of the rides and checked out the petting zoo (complete with chickens coloured blue and pink, no doubt for the city-slicker tourists) and hung out with some really cool Alpacas.  We made it a short trip and spent the evening with my parents and grandma catching up.  The weekend wasn’t ALL about the fair.

On Sunday, we headed back to the fair grounds where Andrew and Ericka made the trek all the way from Ottawa to visit us.  We again visited the chickens and Alpacas, but also took in more rides.  Danielle and Ericka even had strong words with a pre-teen girl who tried budding in our line right as we approached the ride.  We all concluded that teenagers these days are all sass and that we would never have given our elders lip like she did.  That’s when we realized we were elders and headed back to the cottage to console ourselves over homemade pie and “elder only” libations.

It was great catching up with friends, nearly getting sick on rides and otherwise getting out of the city.  You should all come next year.  We decided it would be an annual event, not only because it’s fun, but in comparison to the CNE, it’s dirt cheap (even accounting for the gas it takes to get up there).

Now we’re back to a short week, which is a total ripoff after a long weekend.  Basically you enjoy and extra day off by ignoring the fact that once you’re back, you have to squeeze five days of work into four.  Travesty.  An elder like me shouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense.

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