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MusicConnect Toronto

If you’re going to be in downtown Toronto tonight and you love music and/or emerging media, you should most certainly check out MusicConnectTO.  Aside from some fantastic prizes and kickass panelists (click on their names to see their bios), it’s also a great window into the types of media networking and information events that you can find in Toronto if you just keep your eyes peeled.

This city is quickly earning recognition for its grassroots start-up and technology community.  I lump them together because there’s so much overlap, it’s hard to tell where one stops and the other begins.  An event like the one tonight (of which BTD is a sponsor) is a great opportunity to check out the scene and it doesn’t hurt that you can win a Sirius Satellite Radio and subscription, a trip to Cleveland to see the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame or a guest spot as co-host with Craig Norris on CBC Radio 3.

I hope to see you tonight, and be sure to register in order to have your name entered into the prize ballots.

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