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Change Comes From Growth, Not All of it Facial

It’s been sixteen days since I shaved my face clean, and I’m still not used to the face I see in the mirror each morning, nor is Danielle.  However, the conversations I’ve had with colleagues, friends, family and strangers about what Movember is all about has made it all worthwhile.

Prostate cancer is a disease that kills people.  People with families and loved ones die from it.  All it takes to catch it early is to keep an eye out for warning signs and get tested regularly if you’re in a risk group.  Caught early on, treatment can result in full recovery.

Please take the time to talk to the men you care about and ask them if they know what to look for and if they’re in a risk group.  Tell them to read about prostate cancer on Wikipedia or talk to their doctor.  Together, we can keep this terrible disease from killing the people we care about.

To that end, I’m nearly halfway through growing my ‘ribbon’ and it’s coming along very nicely.  You can click on the image to see it full size in a new window.

Movember 16

Movember 16

If you’d like to help contribute to research into a cure for prostate cancer, I encourage you to make a small donation (or a large one) to the Movember campaign.  You can donate on behalf of my awesome Super Mario ‘stache here.  Thanks for your support and for spreading awareness.

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