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Mustache Monday and Residual Beef Overdose Symptoms Continue

The Seventh Annual trip to Dangerous Dan’s was a resounding success.  We had a record number of attendees (17) and a record number of ladies present (with 4).  I’m also proud to say that everyone who ordered the Coronoary Combo succeeded in finishing it, with some going back from deep-fried desserts (Karim, Alex and Dalton).  I listed their names so you could know that they’re disgusting human beings.

I’ll have photos up tomorrow and I’ll include more detail about the trip, but we had a blast and I wanted to thank everyone for coming out on a freezing cold Sunday to participate.

I’ll also have some photos of my ‘stache progress, which is coming along very nicely.  I look absolutely terrible, so I’m looking forward to shaving it off in just over a week, but it’s a great conversation starter and I think it’s starting to creep people out in public.

Danielle has been a total champ for putting up with it this long, and to share your appreciation, feel free to make a donation to Prostate Cancer Canada on my Movember mustache’s behalf here.  If I can get just another $69 in donations, I’ll get two free tickets to the Movember gala and Danielle will get a night out surrounded by better and worse mustaches than mine.  I already scored one ticket for getting $100 in donations, but what’s the fun of a gala without your best girl by your side?

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