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The “State of the Basement” Address

Good day everyone and thank you for coming.  I’d like to start by apologizing for the lack of photos of the basement reno, but I’ve been busy doing actual work, so the photos will show up once I have time to sort and post them.

This weekend saw great advances in the plan to finish the basement.  Thanks to the diligent work of Tom and Linda, the entire basement is framed, insulated and coated in vapour barrier.  This is a huge achievement, and the benefits are already tangible.  You can feel the warmth when you walk down the basement stairs, which is unbelievable.  The entire inner structure of the rooms and hallway have been fully framed and nearly all the electrical lines and boxes have been installed, not to mention ducting and venting is boxed in and ready for drywall.

Most of of the vent boxing and some walls have already had panels of drywall installed on them, and I hope to finish the bulk of that work this week (which could use some extra hands if anyone is interested in learning how to hang drywall), and once it’s all up, I can connect my electrical outlets, which will be very helpful in lighting the workspace.

Our final energy audit is scheduled for Thursday, and I hope to finish up a few small projects elsewhere in the house that will help us qualify for grants, but the basement is still the priority right now.  Since Tom and Linda are headed back to Montreal in a few hours, I’ll be losing my expertise and two tireless workers, but with the support of Danielle and all of you, I know that this project will be complete soon.

Thank you, and that is all.

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