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Just When You Think It’s Over, It Ain’t

Despite warnings all week in the forecast, it seems everyone in Toronto was caught totally off-guard by this snowfall.  That’s so us, isn’t it?  Well, not me because I actually pay attention to the weather, but that’s a very Toronto thing to do.

Even better, everyone seems pretty upset because it NEVER snows this late in March, despite the fact that there’s usually one last gasp of winter weather after March Break.  It’s probably best to assume that every nice day between now and the 24th of May is the exception rather than the rule, just to be safe.

I, for one, welcome this miserable weather because it means that while I’m slaving away in our basement, I know I’m not missing out on anything.  Basically, your misery is assuaging mine.  For that, I thank you.

This morning, I’m suffering from my only significant injury so far in this reno, and it’s anything but significant.  To reduce drafts for our follow-up energy audit, I was sealing the gaps between our floorboards and baseboard upstairs with silicone.  After an hour or so crouched on my hands and knees pressing silicone through a tube with my non-ergonomically designed caulking gun, my right hand feels like it was run over by a truck.  If you’ve ever had to caulk a bunch of windows or doors, you know the pain I’m talking about.

I probably should’ve seen it coming.  After all, experiencing muscle pain during home renovations is as easily predictable as a snowstorm in March.  Ahem.

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