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Basketball, Drywall, Soccer; Oh My!

Today is a day of mixed emotions.  First off, it looks like the government will fall in the House of Commons this afternoon in a confidence vote based upon a charge of “contempt of parliament”.  That’s a first in Canadian history, so I’m hoping to watch it live.  If you’re not into parliamentary procedure or the quirks of our political system, you probably aren’t excited by this and more annoyed that you have to suffer through another election.

In sadder news, my NCAA March Madness bracket appears to have suffered injury that is beyond repair, and I’m prepared to call the time of death very shortly.  Just like those playing in the tournament, my hopes were so high mere weeks ago and now my soul is crushed and my dreams lie in tatters on the basketball court.  That’s probably a bit melodramatic considering I made my picks in all of 5 minutes with no research, and all I stand to lose is $5.

In more local affairs, tonight we’re having a little drywall-hanging party at our house, complete with pizza, beer and friends.  Marty and Felicity are heading over (with their pup Daisy) for an evening of cutting and installing 4×8 sheets of gyprock.  It’s gonna be off the hook, y’all.  I mean, you’ve NEVER partied until you’ve “drywall partied”, which is just my way of encouraging you to come over and help, with the promise of beer and pizza.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll be heading to scenic BMO Field on Saturday afternoon to watch Toronto FC kick off their home opener.  Rumour has it that the field will be snow-free (even if the stands won’t be), and that we’ll be shivering under a bright sun, cloudless sky and a chilly expected high temperature of -3.  It’s safe to say that the hot chocolate lines will be longer than the beer lines.

Have a great weekend, unless you’re winning your March Madness pool, in which case I hope you have a terrible weekend, because I’m a spiteful, spiteful man.

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