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Gripped by Election Fever

With the Federal Election in full-swing, I’m actually a little giddy.  Aside from being a big fan of Canadian politics in general, I’m also a fan of the intricacies of the parliamentary system, so the fact that the government fell for the first time on a vote of no confidence spurred by the government being found in contempt just makes this all the juicier.

Sadly, I don’t think that will be much of an election issue as most Canadians don’t seem to care, so it’s going to come back to ethics and economics and lots of arguing, which has been pretty much the standard of every election since Confederation.

As a new homeowner, I’m not really sure on the etiquette regarding political lawn signs.  I mean, we’ve gotten to know our neighbours quite well over the last year, and I’m wondering if putting up a lawn sign would lead to some uncomfortable situations.  For example, one of our neighbours who we had gotten to know in the dog park put up a sign for the municipal election, and I was appalled at their chosen candidate.  I won’t say who they were boosting for, but he got elected mayor.  For the longest time, I would walk past their house and wonder “how could they want to support that guy!?”.  If I put up a lawn sign, would people think the same of me?

I guess that’s the whole idea behind the sign in the first place.  It’s a declaration of support and invites people to share in open dialogue with you about why you’ve made that choice and why you want to support that candidate, so if I’m dedicated to that party, I should be willing to publicly say so and defend my decision with reason.

There.  I’ve decided.  Now I just hope that the colours on the Rhinoceros Party’s signs don’t clash with our aluminum siding.

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