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Will This Winter Ever End? Probably

Two sentiments abound across this great land right now.  The first is that most people want to do terrible things to the groundhogs who called for an early spring, and the second is that there is a firm belief that the winter of 2010-2011 is the one that will never end.  Sure, it feels like spring is coming, but it just rolls back into winter and eventually, it will be Christmas again.

It’s not like summer won’t show up at all, but I think most people are worried about a short, cool summer without days on end of bright sunshine and stifling heat.  Personally, I  could live without it, but I understand that most people don’t prefer the cold like I do.  Take heart, Canadians.  Perhaps one of the major parties will include a plan to bring summer quickly in their election platform and we’ll all be suntanning in early May.

If I were you, I wouldn’t really start worrying until we start creeping closer to the May long weekend.  Sure, we’ll get nice days before then, but that’s the date when the weather gets consistently nicer and you can even break out your shorts if you’re doing something active outside.  Keep in mind that it’s over seven weeks away, which is plenty of time for things to get better.

Having said that, I’ve also been camping on that weekend, and shivered through a late-season snowstorm.  Mother Nature is a fickle master, she is.  My suggestion is to stock up on hot chocolate, keep your snow shovel handy and to regularly burn offerings in your yard.  Might I suggest groundhog carcass?

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