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Life During the Waiting Game

As I work furiously to learn my new job well enough to get ahead before our baby’s arrival, Danielle is “enjoying” her time off work before our lives change forever.  I use quotes because, as anyone who’s ever been 9+ months pregnant (or anyone who’s been around someone that pregnant) knows, everything is uncomfortable.  Still, being at home is better than being at work, and she’s go Mojo to keep her company.

So, here’s the update (and these will be coming more regularly now):

As of 9am this morning, Danielle
has not yet gone into labour

Thanks to the WordPress app for iPhone, I can keep everyone fully updated on m’lady’s situation, and you can be sure that once there are photos of the little guy to share, they’ll be up on here.

While we play the waiting game, I’m happy to say that we are now solely an iPhone family.  Since I picked up an unlocked iPhone 4 this past weekend (running iOS 5, no less), I set up Danielle on my jailbroken 3GS.  That means she has said goodbye to what used to be my super-ancient LG slide phone.  The timing was perfect as it was starting to experience intermittent mic problems, among its many other faults (some, the fault of age and use, others are native).

Some other household fun includes a dire need to water our lawns (like every other homeowner in the GTA) as the combination of sun and heat is doing a real number on what was a gorgeous lawn.

Yes, these are our lives during the waiting game.  If you’d like to come over for a visit to play some board games or something, just let us know.  We’re pretty much homebound, but if anyone can recommend some passive, comfortable and relaxing things to do around town (bonus points if Mojo can come), we’re all ears.

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