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No Baby, but Good News for TTC Bus Riders

As will be the standard beginning to my blog posts for the next little bit…

As of 9am this morning, Danielle
has not yet gone into labour

Our baby’s official due date is in 6 days, and I’ve already won a case of beer (danke, Mike!) and the little guy can hold out past 9:37pm on Sunday, I’ll collect a crisp $5 bill from Jay.  At this rate, I’m starting to hope this baby never comes out.  I’m cleaning up!  (Sorry, Danielle)

Speaking of other things that rarely come early and tend to come late, I’ve been testing out the new GPS bus-predictor for the TTC called Next Bus (it’s still in Beta), and so far I’m amazed at the accuracy.

To get into work in the morning, two different bus routes roll past the same corner in opposite directions, one to Main Station and the other to Coxwell.  While the bus to Main Station takes me to a stop further down the subway line, the route is shorter and the subway is less packed when I get on.  Strangely, my total commute time is exactly the same, so it really doesn’t matter which bus I take.

By the time I get to the intersection, I need to know which corner to stand on because there is nothing more annoying than watching your bus arrive, load up and leave from across a VERY busy street.  With Next Bus, I can check in on my iPhone on my walk to the stop and for the last week, every bus has shown up spot on time.

That being said, they are still wildly off the actual TTC schedule, but they always have been.  Kudos to the TTC for making this available to the public, and here’s hoping they create an app very, very soon.

Note : When you select your route, you can create a bookmarkable link that works great, both on a computer or a mobile device.

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