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Almost Half a Year

It’s shocking how fast time can fly.  Sebastian is just a few days shy of being six months old and he’s big, alert and starting on big boy food.  He’s curious about everything in the world around him, makes a variety of interesting sounds and laughs when I tickle him with my beard. 

It’s easy to lose track of how much he’s grown since we see him everyday, but just glancing back at some pictures from even a month ago, it’s striking how much he’s grown and changed.

At this point, it’s just a matter of time before he starts crawling and our lives get infinitely more interesting as our little drool machine goes mobile and I’m undecided about whether our dog will like that or not.  Given that Mojo has started paying more and more attention to Sebastian, I’m thinking that it’ll be a positive development for everyone.  At least until Sebastian jabs him in the eye with a finger as part of his ‘exploration’ (something that’s happened to me at least a dozen times now).

If only Mother Nature would give us a good dump of snow so I can show our little guy all the fun that can be had in a snowbank.  Even better if it’s on a ‘snow day’ where I can stay home and play in betwen shifts shoveling out.  Oh, but a man can dream.

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