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A Regimented Life

Before Sebastian’s arrival, I had a pretty lax daily weekday routine.  My mornings were quick and brainless (ideal for me) and my evenings were spent walking the dog, spending time with Danielle, doing chores and playing around with my hobbies.

Now that things have settled at home, my routine has finally cemented, and for those of you without kids, here’s what you can look forward to.

In the morning, I get up as quietly as possible to walk and feed the dog.  He heads back to bed for more Zzzs and I get ready for work.  If I’m lucky (and Danielle isn’t), Sebastian is sort of awake and I get to spend a few minutes playing with him, otherwise I blow kisses to him and Danielle and head off to work.

Once I’m home from work, I quickly change clothes, walk and feed the dog and spend a few minutes playing with Sebastian before he eats his dinner (we’re on to pureed peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and chicken).  It’s kind of funny to me that both the dog and baby get to eat before Danielle and I do, but I’m willing to wait for better food than they get.

Once Sebby is full and cleaned up, Danielle and I get to eat while he plays in his high chair.  Lately, we’ve been able to actually eat our entire meal before he gets bored of his toys and wants to play.  Then I get a bit more playtime before we pack him off to bed.

Once he’s down and fully asleep, it’s usually sometime around 8pm and I have two hours to wash the dishes, do chores, spend some time with Danielle and otherwise veg out.  It’s a far cry from the free time I had before (both because there was less to do, and I use to stay up later because I could sleep through the night without infant interruption), but as every parent says, it’s well worth it.

Once our boy becomes a little more mobile, I’m guessing the evening routine will become even more exciting, but right now I’m just enjoying the time I get to spend with him, and I look forward to each weekend when we can spend whole days together as a family.

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