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hives, Hives, HIVES!

It’s been a dramatic few days in the Duncan household, with trips to Sebby’s doctor, an after-hours clinic and our local emergency ward, but let me begin by saying everyone is doing fine.

Sebby had his regular 6-month vaccination on Wednesday, and by that evening, we noticed he’d developed some awful looking red welts on his arms, legs and face and he had a slight fever.  A trip to our local after-hours infant clinic wasn’t too much help as the doctor couldn’t confirm if it was an allergic reaction to the shot or a minor viral infection.  Sebby was still his normal self and aside from a bit of scratching when he was stripped down to his diaper, he was still his giggly and aware self.

Yesterday morning, the spots had spread and gotten redder overnight, so Danielle whisked him off to emergency where the staff confirmed it was an allergic reaction to his vaccination and we’re giving him Benadryl to counteract the reaction.

Since he’s the same old Sebby, our only confirmation that it’s working is that he’s slowly starting to look like his old self, which is a huge relief.  It seems that I’m squarely to blame for his reaction as I don’t have the best track record at reacting well to boosters (meningitis and Hep B got me insanely sick in high school, although all my infant boosters went well).

So just in time for a weekend away with my parents in Central Ontario, he’s on the mend.  Phew.

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