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Week One of the new NEW Normal

So after all the excitement of the past year, we’re readjusting once again, this time for the long haul.  Danielle started back to work this week and Sebastian started full-time at his daycare, and with only one day left to go, I’m pretty happy with how it’s all played out.

First off, Danielle appears to be enjoying everything that comes with regular daily interaction with grown adults (both the good and bad), but like any mom, she’d much rather be back at home with our little boy.  I can’t blame her.

Sebastian seems to be thriving in his new environment and has quickly made friends with the other kids in his daycare group.  He had some early issues taking naps, but he seems to be over it, and he’s even sleeping better at home.  The bliss is short-lived as he’ll be moving to a new daycare at the beginning of September.  We managed to get him into a French-speaking daycare after we’d already committed to the one he’s in now.

This will be our first weekend together as a family after building our new weekly routine, and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to spending some quality time together.

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