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A Trip Down Reminiscing Road

During a random conversation today, I was once again reminded of how bad my memory is when it comes to figuring out when in my life things happened.  And once again, I was reminded of how awesome this blog is as an archive of a good portion of my adult life .

With a quick search on a keyword, I can look up exactly when Danielle’s first trip to the cottage was, how many days in a row it rained on that camping trip to Bon Echo and how many guys we crammed into an igloo on our second igloo camping trip.

And once again, when I was done looking up what I needed to know, I found myself randomly wandering around the archive and reliving moments from over a decade ago until the last 3 years or so, when it started to drop off.

That makes me kind of sad, because the last three years have been some of the craziest, fastest moving and (as I’ve learned) the hardest to remember specific moments.  I’m worried that without some sort of archive of what we’ve been through with Sebby, it will all just be a blur.

With Baby Duncan number two set to arrive just about any day, I’m hoping that I can find the will and discipline to keep track of both kids lives in here, and more importantly, what I’m going through as they grow.

No promises though.  I’m lazy.  Hella lazy.

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  1. Joel August 18th, 2014 12:23 pm

    You have an out – Facebook keeps track of these things, and Google+ will generate stories of vacations (if you’re using their auto-backup).

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